R & D Organisation

Advanced Centre for Research in AYUSH Systems of Medicine

For the last several years the medical scientists of Adesh University are working for the promotion of traditional system of medicine to meet out the health care needs of general population. Advanced Centre for Research in AYUSH System of Medicine has been established as part of the Collaborative programme with Banaras Hindu University, SRM university, Gene Foundation of India and Industrial partners, to focus mainly on the drug development and drug discovery program in the following areas:

  • Neurodegenerative disorders
  • Endocrine & Metabolic disorders including certain psychosomatic disorders.
  • Auto-immune and allergic disorders
  • Preventive cardiology
Organizational Structure:
The following is the organizational structure till further orders:-

Chairman : Prof G P Dubey, Ph D
As per the global demand, the following divisions have been created –

Division of Neuroscience Prof Aruna Aggarwal, Ph D, Dr Ananya Sadhu, Ph D
Division of Endocrine and metabolic disorders Prof A K Maria
Division of Autoimmune disorders Dr Narayan Jeet Singh
Division of Gastrointestinal disorders Dr Shah Aiman
Division of Nutrition and nutritional disorders Dr Praveen K Singh
Division of Preventive Cardiology Dr Rakendra Singh
Research Fellows:
  • Ms. Deepti Tiwari
  • Mr. Gyanendra Tripathi
  • Ms. Padmini Mishra
  • Miss Nishant Khanam
  • Dr. Akanksha Singh
  • Ms. Anamika Tiwari
  • Dr. Priyanka
  • Dr. Pranav Gupta
  • Dr. Satya Pavan Kumar Varma Chekuri

Patents submitted and in the process of approval:

1. A plant based formulation for the management of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).

2. Metabolic syndrome and cardiovascular disease mortality risk – its prevention and management by a plant based drug.

3. One more patent application entitled “Association between neopterin concentration and neurovascular changes in type-2 diabetes patients–effect of an Ayurvedic formulation mainly containing Berberis aristata” submitted.

Papers published under collaborative program:

1. Ananya Sadhu, Prabhat Upadhyay, Aruna Agrawal, Kaliappan Ilango, Dipankar Karmakar, GPI Singh, GP Dubey. Management of Cognitive Determinants in Senile Dementia of Alzheimer’s Type: Theraputic Potential of a Novel Polyherbal drug product. Clin. Drug Investig (Springer). 2014

2. Rinki Kumari, Aruna Agrawal, O.P. Upadhyay, K. Ilango, GPI Singh, G.P. Dubey: The effect of an Indigenous drug on abnormal folate metabolism and intellectual disability: A study of 5,10-methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase activity. Int. Journal of Pharmaceutical and clinical research 2014; 6(3):265-269. 3. Kumari R,Tiwari M, ,Agrawal A, Upadhyaya O.P. The Chromosomal And Molecular Aspect Of Mental Retardation: A Review. Indo Global Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, 2014; 4(2): 123-127.

3. Ananya Sadhu, Praveen K Singh, Gur Prit Inder Singh and Prabhat Upadhyay, Sohini Chaudhuri, Aruna Agrawal, Kaliappan Ilango, Dipankar Karmakar, Govind Prasad Dubey. Quantitative analysis of heavy metals in medicinal plants collected from environmentally diverse locations in India for use in a novel phytopharmaceutical product. Under communication.

4. Kumari R, Aruna Agrawa, O.P.Upadhyaya, G.P.I.Singh, G.P.Dubey. “Impact of MTHFR and RFC-1 gene in the development of neural tube defect" Manuscript File No: JCMR-126. ACCEPTED IN PRESS.

5. Kumari R, Aruna Agrawal, O.P.Upadhyaya, K. Ilanago, G.P.I. Singh, G.P.Dubey.The Prevalence of Developmental Disabilities Associated With Nutritional Deficiency” In Press.

6. Kumari R, Aruna Agrawal, O.P.Upadhyaya, G.P.I.Singh, G.P.Dubey. Chronic effect of Bacopa monnieri in the Management of intellectual disability mild to moderate”. In Press.

7. Rinki Kumari, Aruna Agrawal, K. Ilango, Praveen Kumar Singh, Dipankar Karmakar, G.P.I. Singh, G.P. Dubey. Toxicological evaluation of polyherbal hydro-alcoholic extracts of Nyctanthes arbortristis, Hippophae salicifolia, Occimum tennuiflorum and Reinwardita indica in albino wistar rats” In press(under review) 9. Arana Agrawal, K. Ilango, Praveen K. Singh, Dipankar Karmakar, G.P.I. Singh, Rinki Kumari, G.P. Dubey. Age dependent levels of plasma homocysteine and cognitive performance.In press (under review)

Adesh University has signed MoU between Banaras Hindu University, SRM University and Genome Foundation for the purpose of conducting multicentre clinical trials on AYUSH Products with the objective to develop new drugs for the prevention and management of various mental and physical disorders.